Dr. Elterman is Available for Televists

Call 847-410-8416 or fill out the form to arrange a Televisit

What is a Televisit?

Televisit is a regular interaction between you and a doctor over a simultaneous audio and video link. It is just like a regular doctor's visit, but instead of being in the office, you are in front of the computer or you smart phone and the doctor on the other end of this video call.

How to arrange a Televisit?

Just call 847-410-8416 and request a Televisit

What are the advantages of the Televisit?

You can reach the doctor from wherever you are at the time that is continent for you. Your interaction just as private and protected as an in-person visit. The doctor will be able to prescribe medications and recommend treatment and other evaluations the same way as during regular visit

What are the disadvantages of the Televisit?

During the Televisit you will be able to interact with the doctor and even show with area in question via the video link, if it is a skin condition. You will not be able to get other form of physical examination, laboratory or ultrasound test that may be required for accurate diagnosis. This is why sometimes the doctor may still request that you would come to the office for examination, laboratory testing or ultrasound.